Are you telehealth aware? Learn how to access healthcare delivery from anywhere
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My son recently was complaining about pain in his throat. So, we went online and arranged a call with a doctor, he reviewed my son’s symptoms and called in a basic antibiotic to the local pharmacy. Quick, safe, efficient…. And most importantly within 24 hours my son was doing much better.”

- Andy

Once upon a time, the act of seeing a doctor to seek professional help was cumbersome. In the early days’ doctors would move around the neighborhood to provide medical assistance ranging from seemingly mundane things like offering emotional counseling and support to quite complex and at times challenging surgeries (This without anesthesia no less!) in people’s homes.

The culture, however, shifted to patients visiting the doctor at a stationary location in order to receive medical assistance. That was then and this is now, technological advances both in the field of medicine and telecommunications are bringing about a paradigm shift in the way medical consultation is being done in the developed and parts of the developing world.

Imagine having a medical need in the dead of night, the nearest clinic is a considerable distance from your location. You could probably make it to the clinic but your health need isn’t as serious as to make you walk through the valley of the shadow of you-know-what, but you have got your laptop or your smartphone with you (or quite frankly your phone period!) which allows you to call your doctor or any qualified doctor from anywhere in your location and have a consultation either via video or voice call which provides you with the necessary help that you need.

How flexible and time-saving not to mention cost efficient is that! Alexander Bell couldn’t have been prouder of what has been done with his noble invention-for the greater good of humanity.

What is Telehealth?

The concept of Telehealth has been around us before we even knew to coin both words together, however via a series of missteps and happenstance and articulate inventions Telehealth is where it is today where from any location around the world one can consult with a qualified medical practitioner, with vital signs checked, laboratory investigations carried out and diagnosis made.

However, it is not without its challenges but its rewards far outweigh any drawbacks which in any case can be smoothened over time with greater acceptability the world over.

As we are faced with increasing health challenges the world over, with the world population, said to double in a few years especially in the developing world, there is the need to emphasize, educate and encourage the teeming population on the need for an alternative means in which health care is sought so that “once upon a time” health care will no longer be sought in a stationary location but from the comfort of your home like the days of old only this time just a call away.

What It’s Like to Use Telehealth platform as a Patient?

A recent study found the vast majority (82 percent) of young adults age 18 to 34 say having a consultation with their physician on a mobile device would be the, best option for them.

In its early days, telehealth was primarily a phone-based interaction between a patient and a medical practitioner.

As technology has evolved, however, so has the ability to have face-to-face, video chat with medical experts.

It’s not surprising that consumers have embraced telehealth. They’re already using mobile health apps and wearables for fitness tracking, and now most people want options to connect with their doctors virtually.

There are several advantages to telehealth. One of the biggest is it gives you access to specialists and information that you might not readily have access to otherwise.

During a telehealth consultation, you usually have a chance to tell the doctor about your medical history and ask questions. In turn, the specialist can ask you questions directly.

The specialist can hear the sound of your cough or see your swollen eyes. You can hear firsthand about your diagnosis and treatment options.

You can consult with any medical professional anywhere, anytime and anyhow

Care providers in rural areas who lack the skill, time and process for carrying out counseling sessions can now through Tele-counseling programs offer a guide to multiple conditions like depression, HIV, and smoking, to patients in their homes.

Numerous studies conducted across the world have proven that telehealth solutions are easy to access and appropriate for bringing quality care to distinct areas.

Finally, via the use of telehealth solutions, patients and users can receive quality care from an appropriate doctor in close proximity to their homes.

Are you doubting what the service of telehealth can achieve at your area or from the comfort of your home? A doctor is waiting now from the DoctorCare247, a telehealth service platform.

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