Self Isolation: 7 Tips to Stay Sane
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With the mandatory self-isolation going on in some parts of Nigeria as a result of the Covid-19. This has led to people staying indoors compulsorily. It is inconvenient for many and a normal routine for some. We can make the best moments of this self-isolation.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep sane in this period:

  1. Read books: knowledge is not wasted. Read books viz academic books, novels, historical books. This helps to broaden your knowledge and improve your vocabulary.
  2. Discover your talent: this could be in arts or music or anything. Don?t let it go to waste.
  3. Take an online course: there are so many free courses online which you can take during this compulsory break. This will help build your CV.
  4. Meditate: this helps to calm your mind. You can participate in Yoga, classes can be found on YouTube
  5. House arrangement: you can rearrange your house to give a different and beautiful look.
  6. Watch Movie and chill: There are a gazillion movies on Netflix which can keep you preoccupied. You can also binge watch series. Many of these movies help to reorient our thoughts and improve our vocabulary

  7. Family bonding: This is the best time to rapport with the family. There was barely time to do so during work period so now is the time. Bond with your children and let them feel your presence. Engage in games and other fun things with them. Also on family bonding is spending time with your spouse. You can get to know your spouse more. Engage in-home dates like candlelight dinner when your children are asleep.

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